It is not by accident you are now at the verge of entering the FemDom Jail. Either you are arrested for serious crimes and are now here to be interrogated, or you have already been trialed and sentenced to serve time and endure the punishment that The Supreme Court of Female Judges has imposed on you.

FemDom Jail is a place dedicated to Female Supremacy over men. The main philosophy is that being born a man is a sin, for which you should pay your whole life. Yes, the mere fact that you are a man is crime enough to be incarcerated and used by the beautiful and sadistic prison Officers and Guardesses.

Once you are arrested or convicted, you will serve the Officers and Guardesses and be at their mercy completely. As soon as you enter the FemDom Jail, expect to be treated no better than a toy or an object of use in Our hands. You will be interrogated, humiliated, incarcerated, punished and trained in serving and pleasing the beautiful and cruel Goddesses that rule over the FemDom Jail.